Brand Visibility


Branding, advertising and promotions are an important part of the modern brand marketing strategy. To reach out to the maximum number of prospective customers, a brand’s marketing department engages in several tactics and campaigns.

One of the most promising marketing tactics is sponsorship marketing where brands sponsor sporting events and leagues for enhanced visibility. Brands sponsor a team, venue or the whole event in order to get advertising spots on the team's jerseys/uniforms, accessories, grounds/courts, etc. Sponsorship marketing is a booming phenomenon. Often businesses fail to get quantitative data on brand visibility despite spending millions of dollars to get sponsorship rights.

Intellica.AI identified the need for an intelligent analytics solution that could help businesses to gauge the efficacy of sponsorship marketing campaign by checking the visibility of their brand across various mediums.

Brand Visibility

  • Large-scale public and sporting events attract huge crowd providing businesses with the power to bolster brand visibility and discovery. But without a system to evaluate brand exposure, sometimes, businesses fail to get the maximum return out of their investment in acquiring sponsorships rights. The main challenges associated with the scenario include:
  • Lack of a proper system to gauge the effectiveness of the sponsorship campaigns
  • Inadequate data and analytics capabilities to measure brand exposure quantitatively
  • Lack of a parameter to compare the brand's exposure over other competitors


Intellica.AI leveraged deep learning methodology to develop an automated brand logo detection platform that caters to the demand for quantifying brand exposure.

Harnessing the advancements in the field of computer vision, our enterprising team developed a Convolutional Neural Network (YOLO V3) model for object detection.

Logo Detection Solution Capabilities

  • Delivers source media with the brand logo annotated
  • Insightful exposure statistics owing to a dedicated analytics module that processes raw logo detection instances
  • Interactive charts and statistics to quantify brand exposure in detail
  • Visualize total occurrences of a logo, visibility duration, screen area covered, and prominence on screen.
  • Visibility Score is broken down to every second of the telecast, powered by a proprietary formula
  • Detailed graphs for analyzing statistics minutely for every second of the telecast
Brand Visibility
Business Benefits
  • Effective logo detection in media feeds - videos and images
  • Quantification of brand exposure based on the size of logo, number of occurrences, duration of exposure and location of logo
  • Compare actual exposure with campaign targets through insightful graphs and reports
  • Gauge the effectiveness of your sponsorship campaign
  • Cost-efficient and time-saving analytics solution owing to an automated system

Brand Visibility

Tools & Technologies

Brand Visibility